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Anonymous asked:

I saw your post regarding btob and I'm happy that you're trying them out :)) well the first anon seems to have said it all but I guess he/she forgot to tell you about their MSCs just search on yt "btob msc" (for season 1, thriller era) or "btob black box" (for season 2, beep beep era-current) and all their mvs! starting from insane, irresistible lips, i only know love (there are 2 versions, mtv and the cube's), 2nd confession (2 versions too), wow (2 ver.), thriller and beep beep! goodluck!

Thanks anon nr2 :D

I really like wow, both MVs and song :D I like thriller MVs, song is okay but not really my cup of tea. I realized I know Insane (and quite like it) from before too :D I also like Stand up. I listened to few more songs but they were just ok, so I didn’t remember them XD But their MVs are cool :D Will check what you two suggested, might be interesting ^^ Thanks for taking time to give me a reply ;))


Anonymous asked:

Hey! Thanks for giving the boys a chance haha :) If you just want to get familiar with songs that they'll probably perform, then Wow (dance practice worth watching), Beep Beep, and maaybe Second Confession, I Only Know Love, and Thriller are your best bets. Album-wise, Press Play and Beep Beep are good to start with. For shows, MTV Diary, B+ Diary (season 2), and Cool Men are worth a watch.

Thanks! I’ll check out what you suggested :))

Fade to grey

No, I don’t wear only black. I don’t hate the sun. I love sunny days and warm weather. I love fluffy white clouds. I love flowery fields in spring. I don’t like rain and rainy days. They make me sleepy and melancholic. I don’t like being sad. I like bats. I like nights when the moon is full. I like to stargaze. I like the sea and the sound of waves. I like sunrises and sunsets. I like colors. I like blue… blue sky, blue sea. I don’t like grey… nothing grey. Grey cities, grey asphalt, grey rainclouds… grey people that look only at their feet. Grey snow.
I like snow. White snow. Little white snowflakes. Beauiful, because every is similar, but every is different, special… and yet it melts when it falls on warm hands… Sometimes…
Sometimes people seem so cold. You don’t really know them. I don’t like [those] people. Hiding in their own corners, hiding behind masks… Sometimes while you walk, look at people… you can see that special ones. If you can’t feel them, see them with your heart…
We lost ourselves. I’m afraid of grey. I’m afraid of masses. Their empty eyes. Their empty looks. Makes me want to scream, to run away, run to some world where there is no grey. Where there is no grey asphalt of Zagreb streets, and no empty people, staring into everything that’s not grey…

/this was the note on FB I wrote 5 years ago. Funny how little changed, except the fact that now I don’t wear black often at all XD/

i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

I really don’t understand what’s so frightening about this… Ingridients in those bags were just dried out… do you think “real” food is made of something else? Bread is: flour, salt, yeast, WATER. Those french fries are made out of dried potato flakes, you can buy those for making puree everywhere. And ketchup is made from koncentrate anyway, so… Cheese can also be dried out of water and then re-composed, even tho I doubt it actually tastes nice… Only thing that’s weird here is meat. But I guess we all know how much the food is processed so I really don’t know why is this video so shocking… 

(Source: gxldslvgs)

When people said “I forgot to eat” to me before I was like “How the fuck do you forget to eat, aren’t you hungry”

But last few days I’ve been busy and stressed a lot and I just realized it keeps happening, I eat breakfast and then snack on something in the afternoon (chocolate today, ice cream yesterday) and I totally forget to eat properly… >__<

The K-Pop festival in Düsseldorf.


I actually feel so damn bad. I didn’t even had the freaking chance to buy one of the VIP tickets now that I had the money for it. 

Firstly the day of announcing when the first part (?) or something of tickets was being sold. I was about to leave for freaking Italy that day. Then when the tickets did go on sale I guess I was somewhere in Italy with no wi-fi to even try. (I missed wi-fi so hard several times in the hotels when there was none / paid wi-fi).

Then there was a second round or something that I didn’t even know of because OH YEAH … No Wi-fi. 

I could have gone because well it’s only one hour and it has VIXX and Block B and more. 

To people I said I would go, I’m sorry I might not be going. 

Unless someone sells whatever VIP ticket there is for meeting VIXX. 

Maybe (read: the chance is bigger that Loki is a real God and crashes down to destroy the world) I still buy normal tickets but then I probably will sulk and yell at the whole management for being assholes for not having proper communication about tickets because well if they had said it earlier I would have begged people (KHAO) to buy me one.  

Their organization sucks. Bigtime. My friend bought us early bird tickets (I couldn’t access the site it kept crashing) but we still haven’t gotten them because they messed up sth with paypal… I have no comments -.-‘

I’m going mostly because of Block B tho… They put the poll on their site and apparently the band with most votes will come too, and Ukiss had most votes until last day, in the end BTOB won, I would be so happy if UKISS came but oh well, I’ll live. I like VIXX&got7 too so… :D

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