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I will never understand why is people’s initial reaction to me helping someone being shocked

yea yea I have blue and pink hair and lip piercing. Still not reason to look at me like I murdered someone because my first reaction when I see someone needing help is to run over and help. Today, there was this blind guy and he was disoriented and he almost ran into the pole and I ran over and stopped him and people around just looked at me like I suddenly grew two heads, seriously guys, seriously? The blind guy was just “oh, thank you!” and I went on my way…

You know something is wrong with world when people are just staying around and judging someone who helps instead of helping themselves. assholes.


Yifan appeared in the ‘WOLF’ vcr in TPL in Chongqin.

What does this mean? They cut his face or blurr it out on other stuff.. But he has some frames in the vcr for Let out the beast. Now the wolf vcr. I dont really care if he appears on the vcrs and stuff.

But if SM is trying to get him back now that he is getting dozens of attention. His single getting over 10million listens. His movie lead. I don’t want him to go back. I don’t want him to be an outcast in exo. we all know that the boy went through alot already. I don’t want him to come back.. Personally I prefer him going down his own path. These 2 months alone he has archived so much and I am so proud of him for that. If he goes back to SM he will be held back. He is our dragon. All I want for him is to be happy and do something he wants to do. By being in SM he had already had great losses.

Kris was a great person. But he was made fun off. He was treated as a joke for being the tall member. In every occasion people would often make fun of him. People made him into a joke. Calling him names and this and that. His face being covered by tv watermarks. Having 2/3 movie & drama offers rejected by sm. He did so much for them. He was the person the relied on during over seas schedule. He was one of the leaders. Yet he wasn’t introduced as that for a while. Even in exo showtime.. I feel as if he was alone most the times, listening to music in the corner minding his own business.

Where as Yifan he is doing great. He started his single career with donating thousands to save young children whom have heart issues. Being casted as the main lead in a movie. Singing his own solo song for TT3. He is getting more by him self than anything he got in the past 2 years in Exo. Or shall I say in 7 years in SM.

He was a great addition to Exo. Exo will never be able to replace him nor will SM. He was special and they took him for granted. So he left. He isn’t coming back. It’s reality. You can either chose to accept this or not.

Couldn’t have said it better. I agree with every word.








Fun fact: the Polish word for a “tip” is “napiwek” which literally means “for-beer”. As in “have some money to buy yourself a beer later”.

um, sorry to disappoint you but in french it’s kind of the same thing, it’s called “pourboire” which literally means “for drinking”… europe, we’re all alcoholics here! :)

OMG. I never really thought about it, but in Hungarian it’s borravaló, which literally means “for wine.”

Same in German. It’s “Trinkgeld” — “drinking money.” And that ain’t water we’re talking about.

I find it hilarious, in light of this, that in Russian it’s chayevyie which means “[money] for tea”.

I never knew?? In Romanian we have ‘bacşiş’ from Turkish/originally Persian, which I know has the meaning of present/grant/gratuity but apparently in a secondary sense it also means ‘drink money’?

'sprepitné' in Slovak, from 'prepiť' = drink (away)

AH! Even in Croatian… the word is “napojnica” from the verb “napojiti” which means something along the lines of giving something to drink, or making someone not thirsty anymore…

"If you wanted to kill yourself, you should have picked the way that doesn’t cost the money!"

"If you can’t bring money and be of use, you shouldn’t live at all!"

-two things I heard parents say to their kids in last two days. First was a parent to their grown up kid, and 2nd was aimed at wife and small child.

HOW can you say things like this? To your own kids? Just… I am so sad right now :/


Ryo of Girugamesh covers Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby”

Girugamesh’s Ryo (亮) has posted a video of himself covering K-pop idol group Big Bang’s hit song “Fantastic Baby.”

Girugamesh is a Japanese visual kei metal band that was  formed in 2003. The name is sometimes stylized with a metal umlaut (girugämesh) and is derived from the Final Fantasy character.

Яyo (亮) is the drummer of the group, as well as the primary songwriter.

Okay so, Bigbang is one of my fave bands but holy shit this beats original! At least jap version of it (I like korean ver more, but nvm now)

Seriously, this is the best thing I heard in last few months, I am IN LOVE. IN LOVE I tell ya!

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